21 Nov 2005

Senate in American Samoa moves to prevent increase in hospital fees

10:30 am on 21 November 2005

The Senate in American Samoa has officially contested the new medical fees being charged by the LBJ Hospital.

The Senate President, Lolo Letalu Moliga, says is contesting the recent adoption of section of the American Samoa Code, concerning medical treatment.

The Senate says the appropriate requirements to adopt such a code have not been met.

It's asking the hospital board to call a public hearing by the end of the month to address the discrepancies.

The Senate wants the LBJ to stop charging the new fees until all amendments are properly adopted.

It says if the Hospital Authority Board agrees that the regulations are invalid and stops charging higher fees, then the Senate will introduce legislation for a supplemental appropriation.

It will ask for 1.5 million US dollars to cover the funds that would have been raised through higher charges.