22 Nov 2005

Forum Fisheries Agency gets multi million dollar funding boost from New Zealand

7:26 pm on 22 November 2005

A multi million dollar grant from the New Zealand aid agency should ensure the long term viability of the Forum Fisheries Agency.

NZAID is to provide the FFA with more than six million US dollars over the next three years to help it implement a new strategic plan.

The FFA's role needed to be redefined once the Tuna Commission was established.

Paul Wallace of NZAID says the agency has now outlined its future course but needs help to achieve it.

He says the money will give the FFA some certainty.

"They are looking to employ new staff into fisheries management and fisheries development. Basically they are looking at putting new staff in there. We are quite to keen to encourage them to invest in themselves so that they can help mee the needs of the Pacific Island countries that are participating in the Tuna Commission, because that Commission has placed new challenges on Pacific Island countries."