23 Nov 2005

The wilful spreading of HIV/Aids is to be made a criminal act in Fiji

4:07 pm on 23 November 2005

Laws are being drafted in Fiji to criminalise the wilful spreading of the HIV/Aids virus to others.

The Fiji Times quotes a senior health ministry spokesperson as saying the laws would allow the prosecution under the Penal Code of HIV positive people who are willfully spreading the virus in the country.

Dr Timaima Tuiketei says under the current Public Health Act there is no provision to prosecute such people.

Work on the new laws is being undertaken as another 29 people have tested positive for HIV/Aids, taking the total of confirmed cases in Fiji to 200.

While indigenous Fijians comprise 83% of those affected, Dr Tuiketei says significant increases have been noted in the Indian community compared with previous years.