24 Nov 2005

Fiji deputy opposition leader says Fiji's poor national security situation highlight by Bougainville

8:41 pm on 24 November 2005

Fiji's deputy opposition leader says the controversy over the 8 Fiji men in Bougainville allegedly hired to train dissidents is a symptom of a national security crisis in Fiji.

The former soldiers are in Bougainville reportedly at the invitation of a conman, Noah Musingku, who is challenging the established Bougainville authorities.

Poseci Bune has criticised the Qarase government for doing too little to address the crisis.

Mr Bune says Fiji's national security situation is in trouble - with meetings of the security council incomplete because of distrust between the government and security forces.

"Both the commissioner of police and the commander of the military forces, who are members of the national security council, are no longer invited there because of the stand off between the Qarase Government and the commander Frank Bainimarama and the police."

Poseci Bune also says the government is incapable of tracking former soldiers who may now be mercenaries, and without anti-terror legislation, any former soldier, even if they have been convicted of a crime, can set up a training company in Fiji.