25 Nov 2005

Nauru expected to show how committed it is to reform when donors meet on the island next week

5:17 pm on 25 November 2005

A New Zealand aid official says this country hopes a donor round table next week will show how committed Nauru is to restoring its economy.

The meeting has been organised by the Pacific Islands Forum as the financially struggling island endeavours to rebuild its economy and infrastructure.

Representatives from around 20 donor countries and organisations are expected to attend.

Craig Hawke from the New Zealand Aid Agency, NZAID, says it will be a chance to hear whether the island's first Sustainable Development Plan will work.

He says it would then be up to the Government to decide on any further aid.

"But obviously we are in an engaged mode. We are going up to Nauru not only to listen but also to engage around the process and to look at where we can provide more financial support."

New Zealand has already agreed to fund three staff in the Nauru judiciary - a sector where the island currently has no skilled staff.