26 Nov 2005

Samoa Cabinet cuts seats on board of Virgin Blue airline

8:24 am on 26 November 2005

In a restructuring of Polynesian Airlines following the merger with Virgin Blue, the Samoa cabinet has reduced the airline's board of directors from 11 to five.

The downsized board is made up of two members of the private sector, two government representatives and one independent member.

The new board members are Sala Isitolo Leota, Oloialii Koki Tuala, the only member of the previous board who has been reappointed, Attorney General Brenda Heather Latu, the CEO of the Finance Ministry Hinauri Petana and the CEO of the National Bank of Samoa, Bruce Philips.

No management appointments have yet been made and earlier this week deputy CEO of the airline John McNeely said none of the old management knew if they were going to be retained.

Since the merger with Virgin Blue Polynesian has been steadily reducing staff as it transforms itself into a regional and domestic turbo prop airline.