28 Nov 2005

Guam government employees now required to take ethics training

7:49 pm on 28 November 2005

Anyone elected or appointed to the government of Guam after next year's election will be required to attend ethics training.

The Pacific Daily News reports that the Governor Felix Camacho has now signed Bill 96.

From January and after the 2006 General Election, elected and appointed officials will have to undergo ethics training within six months of taking office.

They also are required to take refresher courses at least once every four years.

The courses will be developed by Guam's public auditor until a Guam Ethics Commission is appointed.

The required course topics include lobbying, procurement laws and the Sunshine Reform Act of 1999.

The purpose of the measure is to make government officials more accountable to the public.

Several government agency heads have recently been convicted for the abuse of government-issued credit cards, while others have been convicted on federal corruption charges.