1 Dec 2005

New Caledonian employers wants government action over strike

9:07 pm on 1 December 2005

The New Caledonian employers' federation wants the government to step in and impose its authority in the face of the strike at the SLN nickel company.

The CSTNC union has been on an indefinite strike for more than two weeks against the SLN nickel company.

The president of the employers federation, MEDEF, Jean-Yves Bouvier, says it is wrong to take the matter out on the streets.

Mr Bouvier says negotiations should take place between SLN and the CSTNC.

He says as this proves to be difficult, the government should take action.

"What we are waiting for is that the government says please, come around the table, we will discuss and we will organise the relationship between all of you, because you cannot conduct, you cannot drive businesses in these conditions today."

Mr Bouvier says the strike has a negative effect on business and the image of New Caledonia, and people are losing days of work.

The employers' federation organised a protest march against the strike last week.