1 Dec 2005

Vanuatu government stronger as opposition motion withdrawn

7:52 pm on 1 December 2005

The Vanuatu Government has been strengthened its position in parliament after the opposition withdrew a motion of no-confidence at the last minute.

Last week the opposition grouping of the UMP and Greens lodged the motion of no-confidence, saying they were optimistic they had the numbers to topple the government.

However the motion was withdrawn when it became apparent they did not.

In fact our correspondent, Len Garae, says it was the government who emerged victorious from the parliamentary session.

"The government has signed a solidarity agreement among themselves and they've decided to take the stand and be unified in a stand so they have not faltered and they've stayed on. However a member of the opposition from UMP, a member of parliament from Tanna, has resigned from UMP and joined the government side."

Len Garae says the government now wants to turn its attention to resolving industrial disputes and an emerging underwater volcano in Ambae which has the potential to harm the local population.