5 Dec 2005

Amendments to Fiji's Reconciliation and Unity bill alters emphasis from amnesty to forgiveness

3:47 pm on 5 December 2005

A member of Fiji's parliamentary justice law and order committee says amendments it is recommending on the Reconciliation and Unity bill will alter its emphasis to reconciliation.

The amendment were tabled in parliament last week.

Independent MP Ofa Swann says the original bill was too concerned with amnesty for coup wrong-doers.

"We actually made it so that people would not come back and say you know we're focussing on amnesty, on the areas that the original bill had - breaking the law and what have you. We've now gone the opposite way and put the focus back on what is was all about which was reconciliation, forgiveness and getting on with your life."

Independent Fiji MP, Ofa Swann