8 Dec 2005

Moonies consider legal action against Fiji government

8:26 am on 8 December 2005

Followers of the controversial Korean evangelist, the Reverend Dr Sun Myung Moon, are considering legal action against the Fiji government for denying him entry into the country.

Dr Moon was to have inaugurated the Fiji branch of his Universal Peace Federation at a ceremony in Nadi on Tuesday night but his aircraft was turned away because the government placed a ban on him.

A government statement said "Dr Moon's doctrines are considered misleading, repugnant and divisive and would affect the peace, good order, public safety and the public morality of Fiji."

A representative of the Universal Peace Federation, Kenji Watanade, has told the Daily Post newspaper they called the Prime Minister's Office about the matter but had not received a response.

Mr Watanade says the government's information on Dr Moon is incorrect and they are considering legal action.

He is questioning how Fiji can have a problem with Dr Moon when so many other major countries allow him in.

Mr Watanade says if the Fiji government officially apologises to Dr Moon and welcomes him into the country, he might try and come some other time