8 Dec 2005

Solomons MPs would support revamp of constituency fund says government spokesman

4:21 pm on 8 December 2005

The Solomon Islands government would be in full support of a revamp of the rural constituency development fund, or RSCDF.

The attorney-general has sounded alarm bells over the lack of MPs accountability over how they use the 57,000 US dollars a year to which they are each entitled, to facilitate development in their home districts.

Augustine Fatai says no significant development has taken place in rural Solomon Islands and the assumption is that the funds have not been properly used.

A government spokesperson, Johnson Honimae, says most MPs would breathe a sigh of relief if the way in which funds are allocated is taken out of their hands.

"It seemed that even members of parliament supported the fact that they shouldn't be even looking after that fund. It sort of takes away a lot of the time that members of parliament should be doing other things. People come into Honiara looking for them - like meeting of parliament that's on now - you see a lot of people sitting around Parliament House waiting for their member of parliament, expecting the last bit of R.S.C.D.F. to be given to them."

Solomon Islands government spokesperson, Johnson Honimae.