8 Dec 2005

Small Island States say US not listening on greenhouse gas cuts

11:40 am on 8 December 2005

The chairman of the Alliance of Small Island States says the United States is refusing to listen to the concerns of those nations who're at the gravest risk of being drowned by rising sea levels.

The Tuvaluan Ambassador to the United Nations, Enele Sopoanga, says the Alliance will continue to appeal to the Bush administration.

Mr Sopoanga says he hopes the US will one day engage in a binding international pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr Sopoanga's comments are being reported today in the Canadian magazine, Embassy, which is covering the UN conference on climate change in the city of Montreal.

The UN summit of small island states in Mauritius in January had approved a plan to cope with global warming; known as the Mauritius Strategy.

Mr Sopoanga says it was absurd for the United States to block the Mauritius Strategy from being discussed at the UN conference this week.