8 Dec 2005

Last two inmates may be allowed to live outside of detention camp on Nauru.

4:35 pm on 8 December 2005

The last two inmates of the Australian-funded detention centres on Nauru may soon be able to live away from the camps.

The two were left behind last month when the remaining other 25 asylum seekers were given temporary visas into Australia.

They two deemed by the Australian Government to be security risks.

The acting chief of mission of the International Organisation of Migration, Shameel Mahmoodi, says the Australian and Nauru Governments are considering allowing them to live elsewhere on the island.

Currently the duo are able to move around Nauru during the day and must return to the camp at night, but Mr Mahmoodi says this may change.

"They will have more freedom, most probably they will be living outside in the community so they will have more flexibility...they may have more flexible visas to enable them to stay out in the community."