12 Dec 2005

CNMI refuge plan defended

4:38 pm on 12 December 2005

An international human rights agency says it wants to dispel concern about a proposal to bring Vietnamese children who suffered from human trafficking and sexual slavery to the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.

The United States International Mission and the Attorney General's office propose that the Vietnamese be issued with a Safe Haven Entry Permit.

Saipan's president of the United States International Mission, David Sablan Junior, says there will be strict guidelines as to who will be accepted.

And he says the programme will be funded through private investors.

"There has been some concerns over how the attorney general has managed its affairs with immigration. They have had some problems in the past with the bringing in of foreign workers. We're not bringing them in here to work at all."

David Sablan says the public has until Christmas to provide submissions on the proposal.