14 Dec 2005

Fiji Labour Party denies Prime Minister's claim that members are deserting to his SDL Party

4:18 pm on 14 December 2005

The Fiji Labour Party has rejected claims that some of its MPs have applied to run as candidates for the ruling SDL party in next year's general election.

The claim was made on Radio Legend by the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, who said present and past Labour and NFP members had applied for SDL endorsement.

But Labour's deputy leader, Poseci Bune, says the prime minister's comments should not be taken seriously because their current MPs will never take such a step.

Mr Bune says Mr Qarase may be talking about former Labour members who had left the party because of disagreements like John Ali.

Mr Bune says he doubts anybody from any other party would run for the SDL because, he says, it's a sinking ship.