15 Dec 2005

Niue looking at harnessing wind energy to replace reliance on imported diesel

6:32 pm on 15 December 2005

The government of Niue is looking at harnessing wind to power the country after signing an agreement with the environmental group, Greenpeace.

Niue's premier, Young Vivian, says the country is solely reliant on imported diesel which is expensive and damages the environment.

Mr Vivian says an alternative energy source is a very attractive idea.

"The energy resources are very, very expensive these days and are very difficult to come by. I think wind is the way to go. I think the technology's available and I think there is wind here - it's ideal for Niue to start off with wind."

Young Vivian says it will be many years before the country can be powered entirely by renewable sources but Greenpeace Australia hopes it will come about by the end of the decade.