15 Dec 2005

Nauru now receiving commitments from donors as its prepares to rebuild its services

8:27 pm on 15 December 2005

The Nauru Government says it has commitments from aid donors to help restore education and governance on the island.

Nauru last month held a round table meeting with aid donors where it spelt out its need for assistance in the wake of its economic collapse.

The Finance Minister David Adeang has this week been in Suva to meet again with many of the donor country representatives.

Mr Adeang says they were sorting out some of the more technical aspects of how Nauru would engage with the donor community.

And he says they are starting to receive specific offers of help.

"We feel very encouraged by the amount of support that is being extended. It certainly won't address all our development needs but what expressions of support have been made are fuly appreciated by the government and people of Nauru."