16 Dec 2005

Former Solomons PM to take legal action against the Crown

11:43 am on 16 December 2005

Former Solomon Island Prime Minister, Bartholomew Ulufa'alu, says the time is right for legal action to be launched against those who were involved in his house arrest including the Crown.

Mr Ulufa'alu was placed under house arrest during the 2000 coup and under local law has until June to lodge a complaint.

He says he is surprised that former militants have been charged with other offences but have never been charged with his arrest at gunpoint.

Mr Ulufa'alu says he has had to wait until now to bring up the idea of legal action because of previous security and health concerns.

"The environment is not only stable now but the people who are involved in the house arrest, some of them were in Rove prison so they have been convicted already as a result of that coup, so it helps the case to wait a little bit further until it's almost apparently a winning case - 100 percent."

Mr Ulufa'alu says he will launch the action after the elections to give him time to recover from major surgery and to raise funds.