21 Dec 2005

American Samoan under 18 year to pay 20 dollar day rate from today at the LBJ hospital

2:09 pm on 21 December 2005

American Samoa's LBJ Hospital will charge a $20 all inclusive day rate for patients under 18 from today.

Under a new rate schedule for the hospital which went into effect in November all patients were paying itemized costs to see the doctor and for any ancillary services such as blood tests, and x-rays which cost $10 each

The hospital's Chief Financial Officer, David Deprin, says under the adjusted special rate for children any outpatient under eighteen who receives multiple services on the same day will be required to pay only $20.

This means a child would pay $10 to see the doctor and if they require a prescription and a blood sample or x-ray, the total amount they would have to pay is $20 instead of paying itemized costs for the various services.