22 Dec 2005

Two senior Fiji ministers named as bombing conspirators

9:33 am on 22 December 2005

Two senior cabinet ministers in Fiji's government have been named as plotters of the planned bombing of Nadi International Airport and several strategic areas in Suva in 1999.

The former nationalist Josaia Waqabaca is reported to have told the Fiji Sun newspaper that the ministers communicated with him and two others.

Mr Waqabaca says the ministers used a middleman to talk to the explosives expert and former coup convict, Maciu Navakasuasua, and the current coup prisoner, Jioji Bakoso.

Mr Waqabaca says on several occasions he met the ministers.

One of the meetings was at a lunch just before they were to carry out their bombing assignments.

Mr Waqabaca says he was taken to the ministers by the chairman of the state-owned mahogany company, Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited, Navitalai Naisoro.

The Fiji Sun says it's waiting for the two ministers to defend themselves before publishing their names.

Mr Waqabaca adds that he feels he has a duty to tell the truth.

He has also called on Mr Naisoro and the alleged fellow bombing conspirator, Watisoni Nata, to come clean, by speaking up.