23 Dec 2005

Five Fijians in Bougainville members of CRW unit

5:08 pm on 23 December 2005

A report from Papua New Guinea says five Fijian men in southern Bougainville are all members of the Counter-Revolutionary Warfare Unit which carried out the May 2000 coup in Fiji.

The Post Courier newspaper quotes what it describes as reliable sources as saying the five men are Maloni Namoli, Manasa Dumuloto, J Gukirewa, J Dau and I Livinai.

Sources told the paper that one of the men used to work in the multinational ceasefire monitoring force on Bougainville in the 1990s.

Sources said that on Wednesday, at 9.30am at the town of Panakei, in the district of Siwai, a group of armed supporters of the money scheme operator Noah Musingku, fired shots at the town office, and demanded the office vehicle.