29 Dec 2005

Former striking doctors return to work for Samoa government

2:11 pm on 29 December 2005

Three doctors have been appointed for top jobs at the national hospital including two who took part in this year's strike.

The appointments have been announced by Minister of Health Mulitalo Siafausa Vui.

Dr Penehuro Tapelu has been appointed Head of Accident and Emergency.

The minister also announced that Dr Farah Fatupaito will return as head of the Pediatrics Clinic and Lemalu Dr Limbo Fiu will return as a Consultant specialist.

However Dr Tapelu has denied he has accepted the appointment.

He told the Samoa Observer he has no intention of leaving his current job at MedCen.

A senior member of the Samoa Medical Association believes more of their members will be returning to government employment soon.

He said the decision by SMA president elect Toleafoa Dr Viali Lameko and other members to go back to work for the government has paved the way for more returns.

The member said it is better to continue their fight from within the ministry of health because if they are no longer government doctors, nothing will be done to address the issues they have voiced.