4 Jan 2006

Call for tripartite talks to find way to remove ex-Fiji soldiers from Bougainville

3:58 pm on 4 January 2006

There is a call in Bougainville for three-way talks to find a peaceful solution to remove five Fijian commandoes who illegally remain in Papua New Guinea.

A total of eight Fijians were brought into the country for security training, but their visas expired on 28th of December.

Three Fijians are due to have already been deported.

Provincial and national officials have been trying to persuade money scheme operator Noah Musingku to hand over the remaining Fijians.

But the Assistant Secretary for Bougainville Government, Patrick Heromate says the men are refusing to go until they are paid millions of US dollars they claim they're owed.

He says it's frustrating that they can't use military force.

"Fiji government with PNG and Bougainville will have to come together to talk about what this problem is here, for Fiji government allowing its citizens to come and do their training without the proper permission of the government here."