4 Jan 2006

Solomon Islands women continue to block Makira loggers

4:00 pm on 4 January 2006

Women from Solomon Islands' Makira province continue to block a logging operation in their area near the provincial capital Kirakira.

The women and children of Mwanewiriri village have been doing this in protest at the former member of parliament for their central Makira constituency, Bernard Ghiro.

They accuse Mr Ghiro of having done very little for them in government during the past four years.

He's said to be associated with the logging operation which is run by a Malaysian company which also works in Isabel province.

A spokeswoman for the village has criticised Mr Ghiro for allowing the logging operation in the area.

She claims it's damaged water sources, cocoa plantations and food-gardening land, and adds logging is not development.

The spokeswoman says vegetable and crop farmers from her area are the main suppliers of food crops and vegetables for Kirakira.