9 Jan 2006

Fiji police commissioner says nothing suspicious about new shipment of arms

5:10 pm on 9 January 2006

Fiji's police commissioner says there is nothing suspicious about police recently acquiring a shipment of arms.

The military has called on the government to come clean on their motive for supplying arms to the police given the heightened standoff between the two parties.

But Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes says the government has allocated just over 200,000 US dollars in last year's budget for police to upgrade their armoury.

He says new purchases included 100 glock guns and 25 low velocity tactical firearms.

"These firearms are for police domestic use only for armed offenders situations which would be people involved in armed robberies. And of course we can't ignore the global terrorist threat. We do host foreign missions from countries of high risk and we do host multi national companies. We have an obligation as a good host to ensure people can operate here effectively and safely."