11 Jan 2006

Fiji and Samoa to provide experts to Nauru's judiciary

6:01 pm on 11 January 2006

Fiji and Samoa have agreed to provide experts to Nauru's judiciary as part of regional efforts to rebuild the ailing island.

The Acting Secretary General for the Pacific Islands Forum, Peter Forau, has told the Pacnews news agency that a Samoan lawyer based in New Zealand has been seconded as legal officer in the justice department.

Mr Forau says they are now working with Fiji's judiciary to identify a magistrate for Nauru.

He says they are in the final stages of finalising details of the contract and appointment.

Pacific Island leaders were briefed by President Ludwig Scotty on Nauru's economic rehabilitation programme in October and a successful donor's roundtable meeting was convened.

Currently, a senior Samoan government official and an officer from the Pacific Islands Forum are providing expert advice to the formulation of the island's National Strategic Development Plan.