12 Jan 2006

Journalist in Kiribati questions media freedom after dismissal from radio station

4:44 pm on 12 January 2006

A former state radio journalist in Kiribati is suing the government for wrongful dismissal.

Taberannang Korauaba says the board of directors forced him to reveal his source on a story about an outstanding advance loan for government services held by the auditor general, worth one POINT three million US dollars.

Mr Korauaba says he was accused of disobeying the minister and sacked on the 17th of December.

"This government they said that they would promote media freedom in Kiribati but so far, I think media freedom is quite a question in Kiribati, because the BPA, that is the only station in Kiribati, it covers the whole islands of Kiribati."

Mr Korauaba says he's appealed to the board of the Broadcasting and Publications Authority.

The authority's general manager, Taniera Teibuako, says Mr Korauaba abused the decision of the management.

Mr Teibuako says he's received Mr Korauaba's appeal, and he's asking the Attorney-General for legal advice on the next step.

The minister of communications was not immediately available for comment.