12 Jan 2006

Fiji Met Service hopeful two depressions will dissipate

4:41 pm on 12 January 2006

The Fiji Meteorological Service says it is hopeful that two tropical depressions in the region will soon disappear.

There is a storm system in Tongan waters and another in the French territory of Wallis and Futuna.

An unnamed tropical depression is heading towards the northern Tongan island group of the Niuas, with wind speeds of up to 46 kilometres an hour, increasing to 90 kilometres an hour tonight and tomorrow.

Another unnamed depression is moving towards Futuna, with similar winds.

Forecaster, Alipate Waqaicelu, says the Futuna depression has more chance of becoming a cyclone as the Tongan system is dissipating.

However he says the Futuna depression could decrease in strength as well.

"Right now we are giving it a moderate potential which is basically a 50-50 chance but there is more a chance to dissipate further than to intensify, simply because it is running into some unfavourable conditions."