16 Jan 2006

Fiji men on Bougainville urged to leave PNG

4:31 pm on 16 January 2006

The president of the Bougainville Autonomous Government in Papua New Guinea has warned that armed men will be sent to remove former Fiji soldiers unless they leave South Bougainville.

Joseph Kabui made the threat in Port Moresby in comments to the newspaper, The National, after the Fijians continued to defy orders to go home.

Mr Kabui says men used to handling arms during the civil war will be used to confront the Fijians in Tonu where a fugitive money scheme operator, Noah Musingku, is now based.

Mr Kabui says it is not possible to send unarmed people to meet the Fijians.

Attempts by Fiji diplomats in PNG to get the former Fiji soldiers to leave Bougainville have failed.