18 Jan 2006

We have potential to govern outright, says Samoa Party

4:11 pm on 18 January 2006

A former auditor general in Samoa is confident his party can gain enough support at this year's general election to govern alone.

Su'a Rimoni Ah Chong, who was lauded internationally after being dumped as Auditor General in 1995 when he exposed government corruption, says he will get enough support not to need a coalition partner.

A poll last month suggested Su'a's Samoa Party would get about 10 per cent of votes.

But Su'a says when in power he'll bring back transparency to the workings of government.

"The key things are we want to restore the integrity of our national system of checks and balances. We believe it's out of sync, the system is not functioning, we have to make sure that things that are not done properly are reported."

The Samoa Party is one of three new parties that have emerged to fight this election; his organisation along with the Samoa Christian Party has appointed women to all its executive positions.