23 Jan 2006

Pacific artists encouraged to protect their work

10:53 am on 23 January 2006

Artists around the Pacific are being urged to find ways to protect their work whether it be art or music.

During a visit to Solomon Islands, the Director of Mangrove Studios in Noumea, Alain Lecante, says the artists of New Caledonia have taken the lead to ensure they are protected by copy right.

"In Noumea we are very proud because everybody is going to get their first check. I'm also a publisher, and all the authors and composers are going to get their first cheque from our copy rights - so it's a very important issue."

Mr Lecante said it is the biggest issue and can be a loss for many Pacific musicians and artists.

He says whilst their exposure in Europe is still too early, protection within the region is also important because of the advances made in copying technology.