24 Jan 2006

French high commission says no royalty recognised in Tahiti

4:37 pm on 24 January 2006

The French high commission in Papeete says the French state doesn't recognise any royal title or royalty in Tahiti.

This comes after the man claiming to be the heir to the King Pomare V, the Prince Royal Tauatomo Mairau, issued a statement to announce the formation of a four-member government.

His claim to the re-establishment of the Tahitian royalty is based on the 1880 declaration which gives France government power but grants the continued use of the customary titles.

The high commission in Papeete says the French republic's relations with French Polynesia is based on the 2004 autonomy statute which makes no provision for royalty.

It says in its Pacific possessions, France recognises only the three kings of Wallis and Futuna.