28 Jan 2006

Kiribati considers allowing two internet providers

8:22 am on 28 January 2006

As Telecom Kiribati awaits for its license to operate an internet service, another government company, Telecom Kiribati Services Limited or TSKL, is lobbying hard to stop it.

The Chief Executive Officer of TSKL, Baraniko Tonganibeia, says the government shouldn't allow the two companies to compete because in the end, one of its own companies will collapse, and nothing will be achieved.

Mr Tonganibeia says it's worthless to grant a license to a company whose job is to operate television in the country.

He says TKL is operating Kiribati Television, and therefore it must concentrate on that field.

The head of TKL announced that they had done everything required and they were now waiting for a license.

TSKL has operated internet and telephone services over many years.