30 Jan 2006

Asian gangs are alleged to be behind soaring organised crime in Fiji and Pacific

7:09 am on 30 January 2006

Organised Asian crime gangs operating in Fiji and the Pacific are being blamed for soaring rates of tax avoidance, people smuggling and the creation of falso documents.

The Sunday Times reports that this has been revealed by the coordinator of the Suva-based Pacific Transnational Crime Centre, Inspector Tita Tapueluelu.

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority says it is losing up to 15-million US dollars a year through tax avoidance and has attributed 6-million of this to Asian crime syndicates manipulating the tax laws.

Inspector Tapaheluhelu says these crimes cost Pacific Island economies millions and millions of dollars.

She says some of this money is then used to bribe government officials or even to finance other crimes.

The Pacific Transnational Crime Co-ordination Centre has released a warning to all island countries highlighting the threat of the Asian Mafia to their economies through the manipulation of r tax laws