30 Jan 2006

Lautoka chamber of commerce in Fiji says council must act over floods

5:11 pm on 30 January 2006

The Lautoka chamber of commerce in Fiji is calling for the council to take action in the wake of flooding which left the city centre inundated.

The chamber president, Natwar Lal Vagh, says people are mopping up the mud from their houses and their businesses from the flood waters caused by the heavy rain.

Four out of five districts in the Western Division were hit by the floods.

And, Mr Vagh says Lautoka would not have been so badly inundated if the council had properly maintained the drains around the township.

He says they will meet with council members to ask them to prevent the same problems from continuing.

"We'll be asking them that during the rainy period like what we're having now, every week the drains should be cleaned because at times, during the week, there could be a lot of debris which flows from the top level of the city and can block the drains."

The president of the Lautoka chamber of commerce, Natwar Lal Vagh.