1 Feb 2006

Review continuing in Tonga of teachers promotions and transfers

5:10 pm on 1 February 2006

A review is continuing in Tonga of the recent promotion and transfer exercise of teachers.

The agreement to hold the review ended a teachers' threat to strike after some claimed that they were bypassed for promotion and others were transferred from Nuku'alofa as a result of their involvement in last year's public servants strike.

The vice-president of the Public Servants Association, Fotu Fisi'iahi, says the review is expected to be concluded by the end of this week.

He says the PSA took action because it received 15 letters of complaint from teachers and another 45 said they'd been unfairly treated.

"Some of them were moved from schools here to schools in the outer islands. Some of them go from high schools; for example, one teacher was at the teacher's training college and he was moved to a middle school at eastern districts which is kind of a demotion for him."

Mr Fisi'iahi says some promotions, which were awarded, have been cancelled and decisions to overlook others were being re-examined.

The review should be concluded in time for the start of the school term next week.