3 Feb 2006

Customs dogs praised for intercepting drug trade between Samoas

9:19 am on 3 February 2006

The American Samoa Attorney General Sialega Malaetasi Togafau believes the flow of marijuana from Samoa into the US territory has tapered off thanks to the use of customs dogs.

Sialega told the American Samoa Tribune that the two dogs have made it more difficult for travelers to hide marijuana in umu, or cooked food, clothes, or sacks of staples such as taro and ta'ama and on themselves.

The Attorney General said that no matter how small the amount of marijuana found on a person was, they would be prosecuted.

On Sunday night local time, a 20 year old girl, was found with three bags of marijuana stuffed in her purse.

The girl was coming home for a break from university in Hawaii.

The customs division plans to acquire a third customs dog soon.