9 Feb 2006

Fiji police get new instructions on how to operate breathalysers after 3 mistakenly tested

2:42 pm on 9 February 2006

Fiji's police commissioner says a government chief executive officer was mistakenly charged with drink driving because a policeman was not up to speed with legislation.

Andrew Hughes has publicly apologised to the CEO of the Fijian Affairs Board, Adi Litia Qionibaravi, who was arrested for failing a roadside breathalyser test in December.

Adi Litia was later released from the Central Police Station, prompting public questions about whether the police were practising double standards.

Mr Hughes says the police officer involved has now had his licence to operate breathalysers withdrawn.

"We are drafting a very clear force instruction which will hopefully prevent this from being repeated. And I've publicly apologised to all three people and I'm writing a letter giving them the opportunity to come in and see me personally to air any other concerns they may have about the inconvenience that was caused to them because of this mistake."

The police have withdrawn the charges against Adi Litia and two other motorists arrested after a similar mistake.