10 Feb 2006

Help yet to come for 12,000 forced from homes by Papua New Guinea floods

8:17 am on 10 February 2006

At least 12,000 people left homeless from severe flooding in the central province of Papua New Guinea are yet to receive help.

People are reported to be starving, houses are sinking, and coffins have been washed up by the flood waters which officials say have been up to two metres high.

But aid to the people is being hampered because the central provincial disaster office is yet to complete a full report on the flooding.

Victor Aufe, the research officer to the central provincial governor, says the central provincial government is appealing to the National Disaster Centre and the Deputy Prime Minister for help.

"We are also working around to seek assistance from the National Disaster from the political level. We are hoping that the Deputy Prime Minister, who is the elected member for the district, will move things faster from his end."

Mr Aufe says people are suffering in makeshift shelters on the Hiritano Highway - three kilometres of which is under water.