17 Feb 2006

Baisu jail inmates in PNG flooded out by overflowing Wahgi River after heavy rains

4:15 pm on 17 February 2006

Baisu jail outside Mt Hagen in Papua New Guinea was yesterday evacuated after a heavy downpour in the past few days.

The rain caused the nearby Wahgi River to flood after it burst its banks on Wednesday night, forcing prisoners and warders to seek shelter on higher ground.

The flood waters spread onto the entire valley, leaving behind mud and debris.

The Post Courier newspaper says the newly established Baisu Foursquare Technical and Vocational centre was the worst -hit.

Classrooms and other school buildings were filled with water, debris and mud.

Students had to be sent home as they could not get into their classrooms.

Baisu jail information officer Francis Poka said the flood started at around 8pm on Wednesday.

The area is still under water and authorities are hoping the flood would recede.