27 Mar 2006

Fiji parliament dissolved ahead of

3:39 pm on 27 March 2006

Fiji's parliament has been dissolved from today in preparation for the May general election.

The Qarase government now becomes a caretaker administration.

All other government and opposition MPs have lost their office except for the opposition leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, who retains his position until the polls take place.

But all the MPs of the dissolved House will continue to be paid their parliamentary salaries until voting has been completed.

The Writ of Elections has to be issued within seven days of today's dissolution and the nomination of candidates has to be completed within 14 days of that.

Polling has to take place within 30 days of the filing of nominations and is scheduled for between May the 6th to the 13th.

The election campaign is underway in earnest with parties and independent candidates making promises of what they will do if elected.