28 Mar 2006

Fiji's SDL lodges police complaint over army role in election campaign

3:41 pm on 28 March 2006

Fiji's ruling SDL party is gathering evidence against the army commander to back up its complaint to the police that Commodore Bainimarama and his senior officers have been interfering with the electoral process.

Radio Legend reports that the complaint relates to the military's truth and justice campaign which aims to inform and educate people about unscrupulous politicians.

The SDL's campaign manager, Jale Baba, has confirmed that he has filed a complaint with the police asking it to fully investigate the alleged interference by the military in the electoral process.

Mr Baba says they had also asked the President's Office to take immediate action on the issue to which they have received a reply, but he would not reveal details..

He says the SDL will lodge its evidence against Commodore Bainimarama with the police.

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, has confirmed receiving a written complaint from Mr Baba alleging that Commodore Bainimarama has made a number of seditious statements in recent weeks.

Mr Hughes says they are analyzing the complaint before taking any further steps.

Mr Hughes has also confirmed that the military had informed him last Friday about yesterdays' pre-election march by 500 troops in full battle gear through the streets of Suva.