3 Apr 2006

Samoa opposition ponders legal action after weekend election defeat

2:19 pm on 3 April 2006

Opposition groups in Samoa say they are considering legal action after the preliminary results of the weekend general election.

The count gave 30 votes to the HRPP, 10 to the opposition SDUP and 8 to independents...one seat was tied.

The Deputy lader of the newly formed Samoa party, Le Tagaloa Pita, says his party is committed to challenging any seat where it feels the outcome was unfair

"We enjoy looking at a thing and the panorama of the selfishness of trying to win so that you'll spend money and ebven you disregard the law. And the law says you cannot spend money during this certain period this has been rife in this."

The deputy leader of the newly formed Samoa Party, Le Tagaloa Pita