4 Apr 2006

Vanuatu police chief condemns rugby incidents

6:01 pm on 4 April 2006

The head of Vanuatu's police has strongly condemned the violence of police at a recent rugby game and the subsequent detention of Daily Post publisher Marc Neil-Jones.

Last week Mr Neil-Jones was thrown into jail for five hours by 7 police officers who are also members of the Vanuatu Police rugby team.

He had committed a driving offence.

Mr Neil-Jones says the police were retaliating against the Daily Post's call for the National Rugby Union to discipline the Police team over its violent on-field behaviour.

The Acting Police Commissioner Arthur Caulton says they are looking into the incidents...


IN:......I strongly condemn what happened. I think as a police officer, despite what happened on the field, they should refrain from fighting on the field or off the field. I look forward to the decision by the Vanuatu Rugby Union and from there I will do my best to generally deal with the officers concerned.

DUR:..24 seconds

Arthur Caulton says he has rcommended the suspension of Sergeant Pakoa Lukai who assaulted a journalist at the recent game.