7 Apr 2006

Solomons election changes capital's MPs

1:16 pm on 7 April 2006

There will be three new MPs in the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara.

But at this point only some changes in the provinces.

Linda Skates reports.

"A cabinet minister, Simeon Bauro, lost his seat in the East Honiara constiutency to Charles Dausabea, a former MP who will return to parliament. Isaac Inoke took West Honiara over his opposition Y Sato and Nelson Ne'e won in Central Honiara. This is in marked contrast to Western Province where six MPs have retained their seats, including Caretaker Deputy Minister Synder Rini and Caretaker Finance Minister Peter Boyers. A former Prime Minister Bartholomew Ulufa'alu, who was forced to resign as a result of a coup in 2000, was won a seat in his Malaita province. Counting is yet to start in the Savo-Russell seat held by caretaker Prime minister Sir Allan Kemakeza, due to arguments over the sending of ballot boxes from Yandina, but the Electoral Commission is making arrangements to resolve that. This is Linda Skates reporting from Honiara."