10 Apr 2006

Samoa's ruling party has new whip

10:33 am on 10 April 2006

A newcomer to the Samoan parliament, Laauli Leuatea Polataivao, has been appointed as another whip of the ruling Human Rights Protection Party.

He will share the responsibilities of HRPP whip with Mulitalo Sealiimalietoa Siafausa.

The two will also serve as spokesmen for the party.

Laauli won the election in the constituency of Gagaifomauga Number 3 .

The son of one of the founders of HRPP, the late Polataivao Fosi, Laauli is a businessman.

The HRPP has been at party headquarters and is expected to select its leader and deputy leader after the official recount of the recent general elections has been completed this week.

Three candidates who ran as Independents have joined the HRPP caucus increasing its membership to 35.