11 Apr 2006

Solomons women want seats set aside for them in Parliament

8:13 pm on 11 April 2006

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women is calling for allocated seats for women in parliament.

This follows the election again of an all male 50 member parliament despite a record number of women standing.

An unsuccessful candidate, Josephine Teakini, says she cannot help feeling disappointed, that once again, women have missed out.

"The greatest sadness for me about the result is that the women and the young people of this nation have missed out on an opportunity that would have been theirs to have a voice representing the voiceless in the highest decision making body of this country."

Josephine Teakini.

In other developments, nominations for the election of a prime minister opens tomorrow.

The governor general says all MPs are eligible for nomination but no member can be a candidate unless he's been nominated by 4 other MPs and each MP can only nominate one member for the post.

The election of the prime minister will take place next Tuesday.