21 Apr 2006

Solomons opposition seeks Rini ouster in house vote

1:07 pm on 21 April 2006

The Solomon Islands opposition has filed a motion to sack the prime minister, Snyder Rini, who was sworn in yesterday.

The opposition says it has been joined by MPs Patrick Vahoe and Trevor Olavae who had been among the 27 members to vote for Mr Rini on Tuesday.

That election outcome was decried by hundreds of demonstrators and was followed by two days of rioting.

The parliament will sit on Monday and a member of the newly formed opposition party, Patteson Oti, says he hopes the no-confidence motion will be successful when it is put to the house on Wednesday or Thursday.

Mr Oti says while people call for Mr Rini's resignation, the only constitutional avenue to remove him is through a vote of no confidence.

He says one more defection from the Rini camp is needed for the vote to succeed.

Mr Oti also says the whole uprising will come to a stop if the no-confidence motion is passed.

Meanwhile, the Australian prime minister, John Howard, says an extra 110 troops will be sent to Solomon Islands .