24 Apr 2006

Solomons Police Commissioner warns rioters against further action

11:04 am on 24 April 2006

Soldiers and police officers in the capital of Solomon Islands are in a state of high alert this morning as parliament prepares to sit for the first time since the election of a new prime minister, Snyder Rini.

Mr Rini says he's not expecting any trouble.

But the commissioner of police, Shane Castles, says every precaution is being taken

And he warned rioters they should be aware of the latest measures.

"My advice to them is Do not try. Do not do that . Parliament House will be the subject of sufficient security and lockdown to allow the MPs to carry out their business. So my advice to the is if you're thinking along those lines, don't even try."

Solomons police commissioner Shane Castles, who has 250 Australian and New Zealand soldiers to call on and more than 800 police.

One opposition MP has been arrested and charged with threatening and intimidating behaviour and a second MP, considered a key suspect in last week's riots, is thought to be in hiding.